How much do shipping containers weigh?

The gross weight of containers varies depending on the size there usually weigh
around the following empty

8ft - 750kg
10ft - 1.0 tonnes
20ft - 2.5 tonnes
40ft - 4 tonnes

How secure are shipping containers?

Our shipping containers are all fitted with lock boxes which protect the padlock from being cut off
You can add extra security by installing wireless alarms or even a tracker

Are shipping containers weather tight?

Yes. All the containers we release our of our depot have been quality checked and
made sure they is no leaks whatsoever. They are constructed for the purpose of
moving heavy good overseas so the doors are fitted with heavy duty rubber seals
which prevent water entering the container
But please remember the floor is wooden over
steal girders, so placing in a wet area water will come
up through the floor if submerged for a period of time

Where can you deliver a shipping container?

We can deliver shipping containers wherever possible with the correct vehicle access
There must not be any over head cables where the container is being off/on loaded - if you are unsure about wether we will be able to deliver your container or not - send us pictures of your access and we will get back to you - e mail sales@thscontainers.co.uk
or call 01455 271300 to arrange a site visit

Will your lorries drive over grass?

Yes our lorries do drive over grass but it is weather dependant - and if the driver feels the ground is safe enough to drive on without causing any damage to
your property and our vehicle.

Will I need planning permission for a container?

Shipping containers are classed as “ temporary structures ” which can be moved at
any time -please note that all councils have different policies on shipping containers - we advise you to speak to your local planning department to find out
their policy

How do I pay?

We have 2 options of payments:
BACS payment
All payments must be cleared prior to release of any container.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us on 01455 271300 or email